About Us

History of EWHC

In 1992, Jill Workman and Mary Gaughan of Hall Render Killian Heath & Lyman began discussing the need for a networking vehicle for women within the health care arena. They also considered that such a group could provide ongoing professional development and education to its members.

That same year, they began discussing this concept with Cathleen Fritz of Key Benefit Administrators and Jill Bell of St. Vincent Hospital. This group then formed a steering committee which in turn became the organization’s interim board of directors. The board consisted of Mary Gaughan, Jill Bell, Cathie Fritz, Nancy Blough, Sally Cleveland, and Rebecca Hill. Executive Women in HealthCare became official when it filed Articles of Incorporation in 1994. The organization’s first meeting was held at the Skyline Club in downtown Indianapolis and sponsored by Hall Render Killian Heath & Lyman. Attended by approximately 24 guests, the meeting featured Eleanor Kinney, Professor of Law at the Indiana University School of Law in Indianapolis and focused on President Clinton’s anticipated health care reform.

After a polling of attendees, these initial goals for the group were identified:

  • Learn from one another to acquire comprehensive understanding of the health care industry and ensuing changes
  • Provideeducational opportunities within the community
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Become agents of change for Indiana’s health care industry

Since that first meeting, dedicated EWHC members have worked hard to make these goals a reality. From 24 members to now well over 150 members, the organization continues to grow. EWHC is now the third largest professional women’s association in Indianapolis.

Our Mission

Promoting the professional development of women leaders within the healthcare industry in Central Indiana.

Our Vision

Executive Women in Healthcare is the place for women in the central Indiana healthcare industry to become involved in a deeply connected, fun group that supports our members’ professional growth. 


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