Why Join EWHC?

Our Members:

Our members work at all levels in the health care industry including hospitals, clinics, medical practices, healthcare related businesses, healthcare provider associations, physicians, attorneys, consultants and CPAs.

Member Benefits:

  • NetworkingEWHC events are a great way to meet other women in health-related professions, develop new business contacts, network with peers, and expand professional and personal resources.
  • Professional DevelopmentEWHC programs provide insight for EWHC members into trends in healthcare from legal, governmental, business, social, cultural and other perspectives.
  • LeadershipEWHC fosters an environment that recognizes and supports leadership and services by women leaders in health care and encourages leadership through board, committee and mentoring opportunities.
  • ValueEWHC members enjoy a discounted rate to attend all events. Members also have access to our online Member Directory.
  • CommunityEWHC is one of the largest professional women’s associations in Indianapolis and promotes community involvement by our members.

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Professional Member: $135/year
A professional member is defined as any person employed in the health care or related industry. Professional members are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors or as an Officer of EWHC.

Student Member: $75/year
A Student member is defined as any person who is currently involved as a full-time undergraduate, graduate, or advanced degree student in a field of study that directly relates to a potential position in health care. Students shall have had less than 5 years work experience. Student Members are NOT eligible to serve on the Board of Directors or as an Officer of EWHC.

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